Commercial & Industrial

Commercial Crane Hire in Yamba

With over 30 years of industry experience, Harris Crane and Equipment Hire are the go-to business for commercial and industrial crane hire in Yamba. Our industry experience means we have carefully chosen a range of cranes and trucks that will be suitable for any project you’re working on, no matter how big or small.

While we are based in Yamba, our service area includes Ballina, Grafton, Coffs Harbour and Lismore for any hires longer than an hour. For long term hire, we are happy to travel as far as Brisbane for our clients. To speak to one of our knowledgeable team about hiring out equipment for your next project, contact us on (02) 6646 3881.

Our Certifications:

At Harris Crane and Equipment Hire, we value the safety of our clients and believe we provide a high-quality service that sets us apart from the rest. Therefore, when you hire a crane from us, we provide you with an operator who is fully licensed, ticketed and insured. In addition, all our cranes are CraneSafe® certified, meaning they have passed the assessment program conducted by the CraneSafe National Office. Each of our cranes also undergoes a 10-year service to ensure they continue to operate safely for their lifespan.

Our Cranes:

We have a range of five cranes available for hire for various purposes and accessibility. Below is a list of the cranes we have:

  • 60t-80t Tadano Faun All Terrain Slew Crane
  • Terex Demag Ac 40/2L 40t Slew All Terrain Crane
  • 18t Truck Mount Slew Crane- P&H Kolbelco T180B
  • Terex 20t Franna Crane
  • Terex 12ton Franna Crane

Our Trucks:

As well as cranes, we have an impressive range of trucks for hire that are suitable for every application, height, access and weight requirement you might have. Below is a list of the brands we have available for hire.

  • Isuzu
  • Iveco Straliss
  • Iveco Euro Cargo
  • Mitsubishi

Commercial Crane Hire

Get in touch with Harris Crane & Equipment Hire on (02) 6646 3881 for more information about our full range of commercial crane hire services.


Residential Crane Hire in Yamba

Harris Crane & Equipment Hire provide stress free residential crane hire in Yamba and surrounding areas including Ballina, Grafton, Coffs Harbour and Lismore. Born and raised in Yamba, we have over 30 years of local experience and have worked hard to build our reputation as a trusted business during this time.

We have a wide range of cranes available for hire, which are all suitable for any residential project you’re working on. All our cranes are CraneSafe® certified and our operators are fully licenced, ticketed and insured.

To speak to one of our friendly team about hiring a crane for your residential project, contact us on (02) 6646 3881.

Our Range of Cranes:

Over our many years of operation, we are proud to have built up a wide range of different cranes suitable for almost any project you’re working on. For residential projects, the most common uses for cranes are trusses, wall frames, swimming pools, shipping containers and large air conditioning units. Each of the cranes we have are suitable for any of these jobs, and our knowledgeable team will assist you in choosing the right one during the consultation process.

60t – 80t Tadano Faun Slew Crane:

This crane is our most popular and capable crane available and is best used for larger residential jobs. It runs as a 60-tonne crane but comes with counterweights to increase the capacity to 80 tonnes to carry loads at lower heights. The accessories included are a fly jib and needle as well as man cages for access work.

Terex Demag Ac 40/2L Slew Crane:

This medium sized all-terrain slew crane is perfect for fitting into smaller places and is suitable for a range of different projects including construction work, marine and cargo projects and lifting prefabricated items.

18t Truck Mount Slew Crane:

Our P&H Kobelco T180B 18t Truck Mount Slew Crane is suitable for cargo and marine projects, smaller construction projects and lifting construction materials and prefabricated items.

Terex 20ton Franna Crane:

This AT20 Franna Crane is a pick and carry crane designed to drive on public roads and carry loads around construction sites. Its small size makes it perfect for working on smaller construction and maintenance jobs, overhead poles and wires, marine work and more.

Terex 12ton Franna Crane:

The Terex 12ton Franna Crane is our smallest crane, however it is capable and suitable for a range of different jobs. This crane can be driven on roads and carry loads between short distances.

Residential Crane Hire in Yamba

Get in touch with Harris Crane & Equipment Hire on (02) 6646 3881 for more information about residential crane hire services.