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60 and 80t Crane Hire in Yamba

Harris Crane & Equipment Hire provide fast, affordable and versatile 80t crane hire for commercial projects across Yamba, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Lismore and Ballina. Projects that we work on include lifting pre-cast items, civil works, construction materials and marine work. All our cranes come with a ticketed, licensed and insured crane operator and all cranes have been assessed and certified by CraneSafe®.

Call us on (02) 6646 3881 to discuss our services or arrange wet crane hire for your project.

Tadano Faun ATF 80-4:

Our most capable and one of our most popular cranes for larger jobs is our Tadano Faun ATF 80-4 slew crane. This is an all-terrain slew crane designed to carry up to 80t at lower heights, or smaller loads at heights all the way up to 48.5m and above. The versatility and capability of this crane makes it a favourite.

After a 60t or 80t crane? The Tadano Faun ATF 80-4 slew crane is designed with a counterweight to allow us to set this interchangeably. If you only require 60t maximum capacity, we don’t have to haul the counterweight, saving you money. Alternatively, we can quickly change it over to an 80t unit if this is what you require.

Dimensions, specifications & load chart

Maximum crane height (telescopic boom): 48.5m

Maximum crane height (incl. fly jib): 57.5m-64.5m

Vehicle height (boom fully lowered): 3730mm

Vehicle length (boom fully lowered): 12692mm

Vehicle width (outriggers retracted): 2970mm

Vehicle width (outriggers fully extended): 7200mm

Please note the vehicle height, length and width if you have any tunnels or tight spaces on site. Maximum crane load is 80t @ 10.8m (5 degrees).

Explore the load chart to determine if our crane is suitable for your project or give us a call today to enquire.

Download Load Chart

Accessories include:

  • Fly jib
  • Needle
  • Man cages

Hire terms:

In addition to our standard operating hours, we can also provide after-hours, weekend and emergency services for an additional fee. Our main service areas include Ballina, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Lismore and Yamba, but we can travel much further for long-term hires. Please get in touch with our team to see what we can do for you.


Bundle your crane hire with a truck for carrying your materials or crane counterweights and accessories. We have a massive range of semis, prime movers and more in various sizes to suit your project size and requirements. Explore our full range of trucks.

80t Crane Hire

Get in touch with Harris Crane & Equipment Hire on (02) 6646 3881 for more information about our full range of crane hire services.